Infrastructures of electricity industry need some kinds of services and interventions that we are able to supply for electric energy production, transmission and distribution. It is well-known that this type of energy is not available directly in nature, and it needs the support of specific systems to reach houses, firms, commercial and industrial sites.

Thanks to our long-standing experience in industrial electric sector, we can realize very complex systems operating in total autonomy, and we make it through:

Our company completely supports clients first in planning and then realizing electric panels and devices for civil, industrial and commercial plants.

Electric infrastructures: our works

Even in electric field, clients gather most of our attentions. Satisfying their expectations remain the key point of our job. To guarantee the best performances, we put in order a rigid production process control and full compliance with the rules UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

We have an experienced team made of specialized technicians, which never quits learning and updating, and is able to answer to every situation, during every phase of planning.

Concerning electric infrastructures, we offer custom solutions dealing with:

Low and medium voltage switchboards realization

Electrical protection relays creation

Civil and industrial electric networks planning, realization and maintenance

Specific training course about Alstom, ABB, Siemens and Schneider protection systems allow us to have the skills needed to guarantee our clients the best services.


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