A safety plant can ask for the aid of different components: from video surveillance systems to those for access and those aimed to for perimetral control. According to demands, they can work under the same system or through an autonomous process.

Our solutions keep in mind our clients’ real needs and the contexts where they will work. We can realize safety plants perfectly integrated with existing systems, high quality materials and devices able to satisfy the primary need: being protected!

Safety systems: why choosing Seritel?

Our systems are created to suit with business, commercial and industrial contexts, in which it is supposed to get high standards and extreme degree of reliability. Safety systems find a place in many sensitive areas both metropolitan and industrial.

We can face new challenges, anticipating, as far as possible, trends and our clients’ demands. Our company plans and installs systems starting from:

On-site inspection
transmission network evaluation
definition of the level of tele-surveillance to be developed according with clients’ expectations
Technical specifications and documentation planning

Beginning from planning, we realize and install video-surveillance systems, for plates reading, video analysis plants, for public information systems, for access control, and sensitive areas safety.

Access control systems

Access control systems are able to monitor and notify an effraction in a specific site. Intrusion is signaled through a sonorous and visual alarm, and then communicated to competent authorities.These systems have an essential element: access control, a technological plant able to supervise, watch over and record people entering in a specification areas.

Video surveillance plant installation

Video surveillance plant installation is regulated by Privacy with 29th November 2000 provision. We do respect this authority and we realize video surveillance systems of both in industrial and commercial contexts, always satisfying the Client requests.

Perimetral areas security

If you have the demand to protect with a safety system only some strategic zones or external area, we solve it realizing perimetral safety plants. We can guarantee you a tailor-made service able to work perfectly together with an internal security system.

Plates video reading systems

We talk about one of the best tools to support video surveillance and access control systems. It deals with an innovative technology, also able to read plaque coming from other nations, to frame them even in difficult situations.

Our plaques reading systems are endowed with specific functionalities, that allow, if required, to connect with Transports Ministry database, and they are perfect to control the access to limited traffic areas.

Video analysis systems

These systems represent the future of video surveillance sector. Offer an innovative monitoring using some special algorithms that show images and potential alarm or anomaly situations.

Information for public systems

It deals with high technology level systems, with which consumers receive informations by well-positioned screens (in places of interest and traffic areas), or simply by sonorous communication. They can show also business messages, advertising or simple information.


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